Dribbling to Beat an Opponent

Beating the defender on the attack

Dribbling Techniques with soccer players

Taking a player one versus one has is an art; an art that should be encouraged and promoted if we are to see the exciting players who can dominate a game grow from the ranks of soccer. In every game there comes a time when the player, regardless of field position must make a move and beat the defender or lose the ball and sacrifice a scoring opportunity or allow a counter goal. Training players to make moves that can beat an opponent will lead to aggressive dangerous players who can make a difference on the field..

All moves are described as right footed moves. The left will be involved but the ball will always end on the left foot. Train your players to do these move both ways but for easy of explanation they will be explained as if using the right foot.

Remember, to be successful these moves must be internalized, so practice. This is the only way to learn.

The keys to beating a defender off the dribble are:

1) Make the move with enough time and space. (but not too much)

Players should be trained to make the move with enough time to beat the defender but not too soon as it will not throw the defender off; a good space is usually in the range of three to five yards.

dribbling soccer

2) Add body fakes such as head and shoulder fakes

Players should be trained to be deceptive. Anything that is deceptive is good. The moves can be done without body fakes, however the more of the body that becomes involved the better the fake becomes so train your players to have shoulder fakes, head fakes, hip fakes and so on as they pull these moves.

3) Use two speeds to throw the defender off

Players should be trained to have two speeds. A player who plays at one speed is predictable; easy to mark. As the player approaches the defender teach them to slow down a bit, then pull the move and accelerate past with a change of pace. This will throw the defender off, making it easier to beat them before they continue on their way with the ball still in their possession.

4) Beat them and accelerate past to get behind them.

a) Players should be trained to get behind the defender once they have beaten them. Cut behind them and get them on your back! [Read more…]