Dribbling for Possession

Turning Away from Pressure

In order to win a team must be able to maintain possession of the ball. To possess players must be able to keep the ball. Training players in the art of keeping possession thru dribbling and passing is an important step in this process.. So many players want to get the ball and attack the defender, attack the goal and score. This is a great choice in the right situation, but often the ball ends up in the other teams’ possession. Instead of attacking an opponent with the ball they must be skilled in the art of turning with the ball. Then they will maintain possession and possession leads to winning.

To be successful there are three keys for dribbling to maintain possession and a fourth that is highly recommended to be successful. Focus on the first three adding the fourth after the moves can be done successfully with ease.
Keys to dribbling for possession.

1) Make the move with enough time and space

When done properly it is far more difficult for the defender to tackle and win the ball as they are too far away to tackle. At least three yards is usually the appropriate distance to allow for time and space to properly make a move and maintain possession.

2) Keep the body between the ball and the opponent

Keeping the body between the defender and the ball prevents them from tackling unless they foul.

3) Accelerate away from pressure

This is to prevent the defender from a hard tackle from behind, or working back to win the ball after being beaten

4) Add a fake to freeze the defenders.

This is to be added after the moves can be done successfully with repetition. Add a feint to freeze the defender; it creates time and space to accelerate away from the defender.

Training players to use a variety of turning moves will instill in them the natural tendency to turn away from pressure and to keep their body between the opponent and the ball. The moves listed below are all moves which will focus on dribbling for possession. Teach the players to master a few of these moves such that they can do them without thinking.

The moves

All moves are described as right footed moves. The left will be involved but the ball will always end on the left foot. Train your players to do these move both ways but for easy of explanation they will be explained as if using the right foot.

The toe of the boot stop.

The move uses the toe-of-the-boot to stop the ball. As the player is dribbling with pace such that the ball is moving and the body is moving accelerate to the ball and stop the ball from moving with the toe of the boot (shoe). As the right foot is on the ball stopping the ball, the rest of the body and the left foot need to plant and transition the players weight from moving forward to stopping and moving the opposite direction. The player is now positioned between the ball and the defender. As the ball has now has stopped traveling the right foot comes off the ball, the body turns to face away from the defender. Step back to the ball, shielding the defender off the ball and accelerate away from pressure.

The outside cut

The cut involves using the outside of the boot to cut and turn away. As the player is dribbling with the ball such that the ball is moving and the body is moving on the right side, they accelerate towards the ball and a bit past it. Reach out with the right foot hooking the ball with the outside of your boot. The left foot will be the plant foot and as the ball is hooked with the right, the left will plant past the ball, hold the body weight and become the point from which the power of the turn comes from. As the ball is hooked, transition the weight to the left, plant, turn the hips through and accelerate away from pressure.

The inside cut

The turn is done using the inside of the foot. As the ball is moving on the player’s left side, they step past the ball and plant the left peg. Turn the hips thru to the left and collect the ball on the right with the inside of the right foot. Then accelerate away from pressure.

The only difference between an outside cut and an inside cut is the surface of the foot being used and is dictated by the placement ball. [Read more…]

Dribbling to Beat an Opponent

Beating the defender on the attack

Dribbling Techniques with soccer players

Taking a player one versus one has is an art; an art that should be encouraged and promoted if we are to see the exciting players who can dominate a game grow from the ranks of soccer. In every game there comes a time when the player, regardless of field position must make a move and beat the defender or lose the ball and sacrifice a scoring opportunity or allow a counter goal. Training players to make moves that can beat an opponent will lead to aggressive dangerous players who can make a difference on the field..

All moves are described as right footed moves. The left will be involved but the ball will always end on the left foot. Train your players to do these move both ways but for easy of explanation they will be explained as if using the right foot.

Remember, to be successful these moves must be internalized, so practice. This is the only way to learn.

The keys to beating a defender off the dribble are:

1) Make the move with enough time and space. (but not too much)

Players should be trained to make the move with enough time to beat the defender but not too soon as it will not throw the defender off; a good space is usually in the range of three to five yards.

dribbling soccer

2) Add body fakes such as head and shoulder fakes

Players should be trained to be deceptive. Anything that is deceptive is good. The moves can be done without body fakes, however the more of the body that becomes involved the better the fake becomes so train your players to have shoulder fakes, head fakes, hip fakes and so on as they pull these moves.

3) Use two speeds to throw the defender off

Players should be trained to have two speeds. A player who plays at one speed is predictable; easy to mark. As the player approaches the defender teach them to slow down a bit, then pull the move and accelerate past with a change of pace. This will throw the defender off, making it easier to beat them before they continue on their way with the ball still in their possession.

4) Beat them and accelerate past to get behind them.

a) Players should be trained to get behind the defender once they have beaten them. Cut behind them and get them on your back! [Read more…]

FA Cup

Every football fan knows about the FA Cup, one of the most prestigious awards for teams at the top of their game, but did you know that the Football Association Challenge Cup (to give it its full title) is the oldest knockout cup competition in the world?

The FA Cup began in 1871-72, and is often considered a more glorified competition than the English League cup, which involves only the twenty teams in the Premier League and the seventy two members of the football league.

The first FA cup took place way back in the 1871-72 season and had only fifteen entries. A very modest amount considering over seven hundred took part this year!

Wanderers, a team formed by ex-public school and university players, won the very first final. They beat the Royal Engineers 1-0. The match was attended by 2000 supporters who paid a shilling for the honour.

The original trophy was made by Martin Hall and Co and cost a grand total of twenty pounds, although it was much smaller than today’s award. After Aston Villa won the cup in 1895, it was stolen from the window of a firm of football outfitters, where it was on display, and was never found.

42 clubs in total have won the FA Cup, with Manchester United winning the most times (11) followed by Arsenal (10) and Tottenham Hotspur (8).

January, 1922, saw the first turf being cut by the Duke of York, who later became King George VI, and the building of Wembley Stadium began. The Cup Final was played at Wembley every year, excluding the war years, until 2000, when it switched to the New Wembley Stadium. The first final was played in 2007. The competition has been established as one of the country’s great sporting institutions.

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